Our Story

Embracing the Wild Within

APER Bikes is a high-end bicycle manufacturer, nestled in the city of Patras, Greece. Patras is surrounded by the legendary mountains of Erymanthus, which are known for their treacherous and rugged terrain. It is only by riding on these mountains that one can truly appreciate the need for a purpose-built bike that can conquer any challenge thrown its way.

The APER in Latin is the “wild boar”

The wild boar of Erymanthus in mythology symbolized the untamed, wild nature that surrounded the people of ancient Greece. For Nikos and Giorgos, this symbol represents the thrill and excitement of mountain biking – the rush of adrenaline that comes with riding on untamed trails and pushing oneself to new limits.

By embodying the spirit of the wild boar of Erymanthus, APER Bikes celebrates the untamed, wild nature of mountain biking, and offers riders a way to connect with the primal thrill of riding on challenging terrain.

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