Welcome to Aper Bikes

APER bikes is inspired by Nikos and Giorgos, two mechanical engineers and avid mtb riders. Built around our innovative patented suspension platform, Rising Pivot, our bikes will give you the confidence to ride fast, smooth and efficiently through any terrain.

Rising Pivot technology

Our groundbreaking innovation allows the rear wheel to retract and then move upwards, absorbing impact energy, optimizing traction and maximizing acceleration. With Rising Pivot technology at the heart of our bikes, you’ll conquer the most challenging terrain with ease, while enjoying an unparalleled riding experience. Get ready to elevate your biking to new heights with APER bikes and our cutting-edge Rising Pivot technology.

Precisely Engineered: Manufacturing In-house with CNC Machines at APER Bikes

At APER bikes, we take pride in our commitment to quality and precision. That’s why we manufacture all the components of our frame-sets in-house using our state-of-the-art CNC machines. This allows us to have complete control over the manufacturing process, ensuring that every part meets our strict standards for durability, performance, and reliability. With our in-house CNC machining capabilities, you can trust that you’re getting a bike that’s built to perfection, delivering a superior riding experience on every trail.

APER KOMPace frameset

Contact us here and order now your APER KOMPace frameset, with 3969,00€. The frame-set will ship with headset, seat clamp, Chain device, 12mm thru-axle and idler.


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