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Rising Pivot

Stability in agility

At APER Bikes, we take pride in introducing an out-of-the-box rear suspension approach. We call it Rising Pivot, and it sets itself apart from any other option in the market. The Rising Pivot technology elevates rear wheel motion to another level.

So, what is the principle of the Rising Pivot?

We all believe that high pivot bikes are great. They provide a rearward wheel path, that offers a ride much smoother than traditional bikes can offer. However, on a standard high pivot bike there is a limitation to how far back the wheel can move. Most high pivot designs out there offer a modest rearward axle path of ~25mm. At the same time your front wheel has a rearward movement of 70mm. Wouldn’t it be great if both your wheels had a similar rearward movement?

Come Rising Pivot:

Our patented technology uses a high pivot, that moves higher and further back as the suspension compresses. This allows the rear wheel to move back up to 45 mm, offering an exceptionally smooth ride over the toughest obstacles.

Smooth for you, smooth for your bike too:

Every obstacle that a bike hits slows it down. The Rising Pivot direction of movement matches the direction of the force that loads the wheel when it hits an obstacle. That way the bike slows down significantly less over every obstacle. So, you can ride faster by doing nothing different!

How do we achieve this rearward axle path?

To elevate our pivot even higher, we mounted the rear shock on a carrier, which is sliding along a heavy-duty linear guide. As the rear wheel compresses, the moving part of the shock slides parallel to the linear guide, minimizing wear and friction on the shock. The installation angle of the linear guide, combined with the linkage on the top tube create this extended rearward axle path. This extended path apart from improving the bike’s roll over obstacle ability – leading to improved acceleration – also positions the rider more centered between the two wheels, providing better traction in flat corners. This is how you can ride smoother and faster without sacrificing fun and safety!

Rising Pivot: Stability and Agility

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