Upon purchasing a new APER bicycle, APER provides a manufacturer’s warranty subject to the following terms and conditions.


The manufacturer’s warranty is only granted to the first-time buyer of the APER bike or frame-set, acquired from the website www.aper-bikes.com.


The manufacturer’s warranty applies from the date of purchase and for a period of five years on bicycle frames and frame components. All APER frame and bike are covered by this warranty.

If a defect on the APER bicycle is solved within the scope of this warranty, the duration of the original manufacturer’s warranty is not extended.


The manufacturer’s warranty is provided by APER Bikes, Panachaikou 96, 26442 Patras, Greece. The buyer must inspect the bicycle immediately after purchase and notify APER at once in writing of any obvious defects, via the info ([email protected]). In the event of a warranty claim, the user must notify directly APER bikes, via the Tech Support section, and the email [email protected].


If a warranty claim arises, APER will, at its discretion, either repair the defect or substitute the faulty product with an equivalent one, which may differ in color and model. Should repair or replacement not be feasible, a refund will be issued, factoring in prior usage. APER reserves the right to engage third parties to address the issue.


The manufacturer’s warranty applies exclusively to frames, swingarms, rails and any other part on the frame-set that has been manufactured by APER. Bicycle components are excluded from this manufacturer’s warranty.

The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover regular wear and tear, damage from accidents or excessive force on APER bicycles, improper maintenance, incorrect assembly or the use of incompatible components or accessories, and cosmetic flaws.

Additionally, the warranty is not applicable to APER bikes used in rental services.


In case of an accident causing substantial impact to the frame, structural damage may occur affecting subsequent use. Take advantage of our Crash Replacement program to replace your damaged APER component at a significantly reduced price.


  • This offer is valid up to five years after the date of purchase.
  • Get a replacement frame component at a 35% discounted price (based on the component’s price at the time of inquiry). The color may differ, but rest assured, the replacement component is fully functional and safe for riding.
  • To use the Crash Replacement service please use our email in the tech support section [email protected].
  • In this email, please take some time to explain us how the damage was caused. Furthermore, give us the frame number of your frame set or bicycle. Our service department will then follow up.

Please note

  • The Crash Replacement service is limited to damages that compromise the functionality of the bike.
  • You can only use the Crash Replacement service once within 5 years of the date of purchase.
  • Our service may be withheld if intentional damage or cosmetic harm is determined.
  • Upon availing the Crash Replacement service, the irreparable damaged item becomes our property, requiring you to return it to us.
  • You are responsible for covering all associated shipping costs.
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